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The Chat and You!

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The Chat and You!

Post by Tony on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:24 pm

This thread concerns matters regarding the chatbox this site provides for user interaction.

Most importantly you must know where the chatbox is. Below are details for its location.

Simply log in and find yourself staring at our index page. It holds the forums, the mini chatbox, the pop up chat, and the access point to the large chatbox.


You can immediately access the mini-chat or the pop up chat when you get to the main page.

Simply click "Log in" or "Chat: X" to enter.

To access the large chat simply scroll all the way down on the main page.


Click "Join the chat" and the main chatbox will appear in a new tab.

There are many chat commands available for your use while engaged in chat discussions. The following is a listing of these.


In the beginning of a sentence, this command will be replaced by your username (ex: /me eats a delicious pizza" will display "Nickname eats a delicious pizza")


Disconnect from the Chatbox. You can also precise the reason that will be visible for all members connected (ex: /exit reason)

/abs /away

Send a message noticing that you're absent. You can add a reason that will be displayed in the message and visible by all members connected to the Chatbox (ex: /abs reason)

/pm (username)

Send a message that only you and this user can see. Seperate usernames with a comma to send to multiple users.

Note the B, U, I, and S in the above image. These 4 buttons change your text in various ways.

Clicking B bolds all that you type into the message box.

Clicking U underlines all that you type into the message box.

Clicking I sets into italics all that you type into the message box.

Clicking S inserts a strike through what you type into the message box.

You can have active as many or as few of these options as you want.

It is impossible through these to only impact some of your words. If you wish to only add influence to a word or two you much use BBCode.

We have the A and the smiley face left. Let's focus on the A for now.

Clicking the A enables you to choose a text color that will add a flair to your in-chat text.

As long as you do not clear your cookies you can always have your chat color preset to a particular color. If you clear your cookies then the color will revert to the default and you will have to get your color again.

The last subject of discussion is the smiley face.

Clicking the smiley face allows you to use emoticons from an ever increasing quantity available to you.

Through this function you can select anything from a fearsome pirate sheep :piratesheep: to Michael Jackson's sweet dance moves :mj:.

Take the time to explore your options and see what we have to offer.

Smilies are currently broken up into 3 categories: People, Animals, and Misc. Use this system to quickly find something that's for you.

If you learn to love an emoticon and want easier access than clicking the smiley everytime you can simply type in the code making the emoticon appear. I.E. Michael Jackson's code is :mj : without the space between j and :.

Last edited by Tony on Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:23 pm; edited 1 time in total

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